Wisconsin Snow Conditions Report is Live and Making Headlines

Posted: Tue-Dec-2011

For a number of years now the Wisconsin Department of Tourism has offered visitors a handy tool – an up-to-the-minute snow conditions report.   It’s great for all you outdoor enthusiasts who downhill ski, snowmobile, cross-country ski, snow shoe, winter hike, or just enjoy a sleigh ride or sledding.  Volunteer reporters around the state regularly update the online interactive map, which is conveniently divided by activity – snowmobiling, downhill ski and snowboarding, and cross country skiing.  You can also sign up to receive a weekly snow report via e-mail.   This year, the Tourism Department cleverly used a Wisconsin map made to look like a mitten to announce the report was up and running, and that’s when things got interesting.  Let’s just call it a case of “Mitten-gate.”  Seems Michigan claims it’s the Mitten State and has been for some time.  Wisconsin Tourism was quick to offer a mea culpa of sorts, saying it doesn’t want to steal the Mitten State moniker; it wants to be known as the Fun State.  The good-natured back-and-forth made headlines all over the country!  Check out the story in USA Today.   By week two, the mitten map of Wisconsin was also sporting a cheesehead, proving we Wisconsinites do have a sense of humor.  
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