Fun Facts to Know and Tell about B&Bs

Posted: Tue-Jul-2012

[caption id="attachment_705" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Guests are pampered with luxurious in-room amenities such as wi-fi, fireplace, whirlpool, premuim bath products, and television at the Honeybee Inn, Horicon. Innkeeper Barb Ruka says: "Guests will peruse our extensive & up-to-date movie library, get cozy in their room for hours, catching up on the latest films that they can't fit into their busy lives at home." A relaxing end to a day of touring or cruising the Horicon Marsh, within walking distance of the inn."][/caption] We’re a member of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII for short) and each year they release a research report that provides a snapshot of what’s what in B&B travel.  Thought you might be interested in a few tidbits: The average age of the oldest part of a B&B building is 111; 35% of inns have achieved an “historical designation” by a local, state or national historic preservation organization; 72% of B&Bs are run by couples; and most inns provide internet, television, luxury bed/linens, premium branded toiletries, robes, fireplaces, magazines and jetted tubs in the guest rooms.  Here’s more from Jay Karen, PAII president and CEO, “One interesting statistic we noticed from the study is that there was a slight decrease in the offering of common-area services and amenities, and a slight increase in offering in-room services and amenities. It seems more guests are asking to enjoy services privately in their rooms, and innkeepers are happy to oblige. That’s the nice thing about B&Bs – as a guest, you can make the experience as social or as private as you like.”  Well said!
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