Multi-Destination Getaway: The Driftless Area

Posted: Sat-Mar-2017

Multi-Destination Getaway: The Driftless Area [caption id="attachment_1794" align="aligncenter" width="300"]WI Driftless Region WI Driftless Region[/caption] Taking a page out of European travel, why not plan a trip that takes you to multiple destinations instead of just staying put. The Driftless Area in the southwest part of the state, with its deeply carved river valleys untouched by glaciers, would be a great place to give it a try.

If you’re looking for a stateside getaway that carries the same types of discoveries you’d expect to find on a multi-destination European holiday, we bring you the Driftless region of Wisconsin. The last continental glacier bypassed this area, giving it its distinctive terrain of deeply carved valleys and the largest concentration of cold water streams in the world. The earliest inhabitants of this southwest corner of the state were Native American Mound Builders. Today the region is home to hundreds of artists who take inspiration from the hills and valleys and the Kickapoo River and mighty Mississippi. [caption id="attachment_1795" align="alignnone" width="300"]bikers The Driftless Region in Wisconsin offers a variety of choices for bike riders, from rugged mountain trails to challenging on-road routes to constructed bike trails.[/caption] Bird migrations are a mainstay in the spring, farmers’ markets abound, and mountain biking is plentiful. And you can forget malls, as independent boutiques and Amish goods define the shopping experience here. As for places to rest your head, there’s the Tritsch House B&B in the Mississippi River town of Alma. It’s a Queen Anne house hugged by river bluffs. Walnut Ridge Log Cabin Guest House in Platteville offers two handcrafted log cabins set on six wooded country acres. [caption id="attachment_1797" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Westby House Inn Westby House Inn, Westby, WI[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1796" align="alignright" width="300"]Walnut Ridge Log Cabin Guest Houses Walnut Ridge Log Cabin Guest Houses in Platteville, WI[/caption] Four Gables B&B in La Crosse is listed on the National Register and serves guest a four-course country breakfast. The Westby House Inn & Restaurant in Westby has a rich history, but it is the inn’s modern amenities that are a pleasing point of difference. They also serve lunch and afternoon tea. The Driftless Region is a unique part of Wisconsin's geography.  An area where visitors will find a wide variety of places to explore.  The Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Association member Inns in the Southwest region of Wisconsin are also plentiful, each one of them unique in their own way.  With a little research, we are confident you will find one that suits your personality.  We always like to remind our readers that all WBBA members are licensed, inspected and insured.  So rest asured, you will get a good night's sleep when you stay at a WBBA B&B, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated the next morning.  Are you ready to Seek the Unique?WBBA Seek the Unique

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