12 Waterfall Hikes to Take in Wisconsin This Spring

Posted: Tue-Apr-2019

12 Best Waterfall Hikes in Wisconsin Spring is one of the best times of year to go chasing waterfalls in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. The melting winter snows and rainy spring months create swollen rivers and waterfalls that are truly spectacular sights to behold.

In a recent blog, we touched on some of the wonderful hiking trails around the state; especially those trails that are off the beaten path and which may not yet be on your radar.  This month, we'd like to talk about another popular type of trail in Wisconsin.

All over the state, there are beautiful trails that lead to gorgeous waterfalls. The lure of a scenic waterfall at the end of a hike is irresistable, especially during these beautiful spring months. The state of Wisconsin has plenty of lakes, rivers, and forests, which of course also means plentiful waterfalls.

No matter where you choose to vacation, odds are you'll be near one of these gorgeous waterfall hikes. And if you're looking for some of the best places to stay in Wisconsin, we can help with that, too! Choose from our member Bed and Breakfast listings, where you'll find the top-rated places to stay in Wisconsin. 

12 Best Waterfall Hikes in Wisconsin

There are a number of waterfall hikes in Wisconsin worth taking. Some are popular, and therefore the trails more crowded.  Others are less frequented and just as beautiful, if not more so. A number of Wisconsin's best waterfalls are concentrated in the northern part of the state, but there are several worth visiting in other areas as well.  Browse through this list of the top waterfall hikes, and see where Wisconsin's beauty will take you.

  • Though it's one of the more obvious waterfall hikes to include, no list would be complete without Big Manitou Falls in Wisconsin. It's the tallest waterfall in the state, plunging down a magnificent 165 feet in Pattison State Park. 
  • Amnicon Falls isn't too far from Big Manitou Falls, and is certainly worth seeing if you're in the area.  The upper and lower falls are breathtaking in their own right, but when viewed from the park's signature covered bridge, it elevates the experience. 
  • Guests staying near the Bayfield area won't want to miss Lost Creek Falls, a true hidden gem. The waterfall cascades over a mossy ledge in a picturesque gorge, and can be walked behind for a truly beautiful vantage point.  It's a great place to capture an instagram-worthy photo, too! 
  • 12 Best Waterfall Hikes in WisconsinIn Wisconsin's beautiful Northwoods, you'll find Potato River Falls cascading down a series of stairs through the river gorge. 
  • A nearby gem to Potato River Falls is Copper Falls State Park. The namesake falls is worth the journey, where you'll enjoy the sights in this breathtaking red granite canyon, with the waterfall dropping 30 feet. 
  • In the west on the Michigan border near Minneapolis, visitors will find one of the prettiest waterfall hikes in the state in Willow River State Park. Willow Falls takes several drops on the river, and hikers can get up close and personal with the waterfall, making it an excellent choice for photographers.
  • Just around the corner from Willow Falls is Cascade Falls, in Wilkie Glen on the St. Croix River. Visit at dusk, and you'll be delighted by the LED light show in the falls. 
  • In southern Wisconsin, near Madison, hikers will love the short trip to Stephens Falls in Governor Dodge State Park, which during the spring and summer is framed by the vibrant greens of moss and ferns.
  • North of Madison, head to Montello's Granite Querry, where four waterfalls spill over the walls of the querry, delighting visitors.
  • In central Wisconsin near Wausau, you'll want to make a stop at the Dells of the Eau Claire River. Stones in the river have been carved out over centuries, and these ancient volcanic rocks make for beautiful cascading waterfalls.  It's a delightful place for a picnic, and on warmer days you can even splash around in the water yourself. 
  • In Northeastern Wisconsin near Green Bay, waterfall enthusiasts will love Marinette County's waterfall tour. Marinette county is fondly referred to as Wisconsin's waterfall capital. The self-guided tour includes gems like Veteran's Falls, Strong Falls, and Long Slide Falls. 
  • There are two great waterfalls in Brown County near Green Bay:  Wequiock Falls and Fonferek Falls, both of which make beautiful cascades over parts of the Niagara Escarpment.

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