Sample the Best Wisconsin Cheese This Fall

Posted: Tue-Sep-2019

Follow the Wisconsin Cheese Trail when you Visit a Bed and Breakfast this fallThe Wisconsin cheese industry is nothing short of legendary. We don't use that term lightly, either! Cheesemaking has been an essential part of Wisconsin's heritage for more than 175 years. In total, there are more flavors and varieties of cheese produced in Wisconsin than anywhere else--over 600 varieties to be specific. Not only that, but Wisconsin cheesemakers have earned themselves over 5,000 awards. It's no wonder the Wisconsin cheese industry is a popular tourist attraction.  This fall, come stay at one of our unique Bed and Breakfasts as you make your way from one tasting to the next. 

Wisconsin Cheese Satisfies Your Inner Foodie

"Happy Cows" may be part of the catchphrase for California's dairy industry, but they don't hold a candle to those of Wisconsin. There are more than 11,000 dairy farms filled with happy cows (and goats and sheep) across the state. This fall is the perfect time to visit them and to get a taste of this delicious Wisconsin treat. Spend your time getting to know master cheesemakers, dining at restaurants featuring locally-sourced cheese and produce, enjoying farm-fresh and made-from-scratch breakfasts at our B&B's, pairing Wisconsin cheese with local wine and beer, and learning everything you ever wanted to know about Wisconsin's dairy industry. However you spend your time, this is a vacation that will surely satiate your inner foodie.

Travel Wisconsin has put together an incredible cheese tasting itinerary that will take you to some of the best cheese producing regions across the state. Though there are producers located across the state, we've included a few of our favorites from two of the biggest cheese-producing areas below.

Southwestern Wisconsin

Start your journey in Madison Wisconsin at Fromagination, a fantastic and immersive cheese-centric experience. From there, head southwest.  Here, you will find some of the most popular cheese destinations, like Carr Valley Cheese, Arena Cheese, Brunkow Cheese, Montchevre, a leading goat cheese producer in the country, Emmi Roth Käse, and the Taste Wisconsin Cheese near a Bed and Breakfast this fallNational Historic Cheesemaking Center in Monroe. You might want to plan to spend most of your time here, as Monroe is the cheesemaking capital of the country. 

Eastern Wisconsin

Travel along the eastern portion of Wisconsin near Cedarburg, and visit cheese mainstays like Widmer's Cheese Cellars. You can even stop in for a cheesemaking class at The Cheesemaker. As you travel north, check out Beechwood Cheese Factory, where they've been perfecting their craft for over 100 years. On the first Saturday of each month, their fresh cheese curds can be enjoyed straight out of the vat. Talk about getting a fresh taste of Wisconsin's cheese firsthand! Continue along your journey and head towards Appleton, where you can sample some of the award-winning mozzarella and feta at Simon's Specialty Cheese

Savor Wisconsin at a Local Bed and Breakfast

You'll need somewhere to stay as you travel between tastings. What could be better than staying in accommodations that reflect the same unique flavors of Wisconsin you've been seeking along the way? For that, there is our collection of Wisconsin Bed and Breakfasts, proudly serving up the most unique and welcoming accommodations across the state. You'll find at least one of our member Inns in each region listed above. Though each Inn certainly boasts its own unique character and charm, you can expect to find the same delightful hospitality and comfortable accommodations at each. Use our search tool to help you plan, and book a room at a Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast today!

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