Cheese Trail

Wisconsin leads the nation in production of artisan and farmstead cheeses, thanks to the work of master cheesemakers along the Wisconsin Cheese Trail. The Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin organization will back us up on that claim to fame. Not only do we lead the production, but Wisconsinites think our state simply has the most delicious cheese too!

There are more than one million cows in the state on over 11,0000 farms. More than 90% of the milk is made into cheese. Wisconsin produces over 2.8 billion pounds of cheese or 25% of all chees in the United States.

We don't think that other state of Californina, who claims they have the happy cows, can hold a candle to Wisconsin cheese. You be the judge though.

Wisconsin produces 600 varieties of cheese, and that’s more than double the amount of runner-up state California. Cheese curds, in our humble opinion, are the freshest form of cheddar. They are best eaten deep-fried with a beer batter.

Wisconsin won big in the 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest, with the most awards of any state, the most awards overall, and the most category awards.

Visitors are known to plan an entire Wisconsin vacation around stops at cheese factories and cheese stores. In fact, we rather like that idea of a dedicated Wisconsin cheese trail. Really, when you think of Wisconsin, you do think Wisconsin Cheese! No matter what part of the state you travel, you will certainly discover and find a new Wisconsin cheese to sample. Travel along the Wisconsin Cheese Trail and have fun. Don't forget to purchase some to take home to you and your family and friends. What a great way to remember your Wisconsin vacation.

If you’re a cheese connoisseur or someone who just craves curds, the Wisconsin Cheese Trail with B&Bs along the way is all you need to know.

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