It Is Stress Awareness Month, So Get Thee to a Wisconsin B&B

Posted: Mon-Apr-2011

You know how some vacations can be stressful? Often is has to do with the hassle of air travel, too many unforeseen expenses and lack of hospitality. The owners of Wisconsin B&Bs really do pride themselves on making getaways carefree and relaxing. So, in honor of April being Stress Awareness Month, why not give a B&B a go. If you're already a B&B fan, try a new property. If you and your girlfriends are new to B&B travel, check into a B&B that offers spa services. If golf is your form of relaxation (although we know it can be stressful for some!), think about pairing a day on the course with a night at a B&B. Do something good for yourself and your health - take a B&B vacation.
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