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Become a WBBA Member!

Who is the Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Association (WBBA)?

The Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Association (WBBA) is a respected voice that has represented the backbone of the B&B industry in Wisconsin since it was created in 1987 by innkeepers dedicated to maintaining high standards of hospitality.  It is a dependable resource in today’s ever changing lodging marketplace that provides a full range of services, working on advocacy, marketing, education and quality programs to assist Innkeepers as they invite guests to stay as a local and seek the unique! It is one of only a few staffed B&B associations in the United States.  Wisconsin's finest Bed & Breakfasts and Inns representing all area of the state are members of the WBBA. They are all licensed, inspected and insured and know genuine Wisconsin hospitality! Does this sound like something you want for your B&B? Become a WBBA member!

Why should you become a WBBA member?

Our mission statement says it all:

To maximize the success of all members by marketing our unique brand of hospitality to travelers; promoting quality; being a leader in providing networking, educational, and business opportunities, and by being an advocate for members and the industry.

So, we're here to maximize the success of your business ... and together we'll accomplish that through the services and programs from WBBA available for each member.  So why do so many outstanding B&B’s choose to belong:

(the support for, backing of, promotion of, championing of)

Advocacy & Industry Relations

  • Legislation affects your inn-your livelihood.  Your WBBA works on regulatory and licensing issues, including education & legislative efforts for fair regulation & practices. Proactive work –we have your back.
  • What you bring to membership is clout in the form of your voice. What membership gives
    back is an entire orchestra of voices that affects legislative and regulatory activity. We go to Madison and work collaboratively with organizations because you don’t have time.  Strong partnerships make a difference.



  • Newly designed and optimized (2019) Responsive Website
    • Extensive Search Features / Links/Pictures/Mapping/Features/Consolidated Availability Calendar, Inns for Sale, etc. 
  • WBBA adds your inn to, the WI Dept. of Tourism site, with its “trip planner”.

Social Media

  • Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube
  • Blog

Marketing/Advertising Programs - On Air...Online…In Print…Onsite

  • Opportunities with Cumulative Power
    • Discover Wisconsin Multimedia Campaign/other
    • Co-Op Advertising (e.g., Silent Sports, Wild Wings, Midwest Living)

Media/Publicity - PR… getting the B&B story, and your story, told

  • Working with our professional PR consultant and writer places press releases with media contacts throughout the state and beyond
  • Travel writers asking—we give them WBBA member inns
  • Contacts of PR produce opportunities such as WI Moms Blog, Gilmore Girls Promotion
  • TV, radio, onsite, print stories (e.g., WBBA conference/Airbnb Panel-Green Bay P.R.)

Ezine Newsletter-8700 Subscribers

  • Newly designed, improved integration and use throughout social media channels

Print Marketing

  • WBBA Brochure Directory
  • Brochures, postcards, mailings

Trade Shows

  • Exposure at trade shows (e.g., Milwaukee Sports Show, Warrens Cranberry Fest from our industry and vendor partners - WI Department of Tourism/Travel WI, Discover WI, etc.)


Convention & Innkeeper Trade Show

Annual Membership Meeting

Quadrant Meetings

Board-of-Directors’ Meetings


  • Internal Facebook Chatroom- exchange ideas and experiences
  • Quadrant Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Volunteer  Opportunities (e.g., committee member, board member, special projects)

Newsletters & Updates - news you can use

Aspiring Innkeeper (AI) Services

  • AI binder/books for purchase
  • AI seminars
  • AI memberships
  • Inns for Sale
  • Support


Inspection Process

  • Assures you provide a unique, quality experience.  Shows people that yours aren’t just rooms in somebody’s house.


  • Additional income opportunity ~ approximately $50,000 sold a year


  • Discounts/Programs for products/services/other provided through partnerships in organizations and vendor partners
    • Discount tickets to Milwaukee Food Expo through partnership with WI Restaurant Association/Something Special from WI, Discounts PAII )
    • Conference discounts /specials

Does Your B&B Qualify to Become a WBBA Member?

WBBA has two classes of membership:

1. Voting Membership

  • Hold either a valid State of Wisconsin B&B license OR
  • Hold a valid hotel/motel or tourist rooming house license, and be non-franchised and independently owned
  • Have a written policy covering rates, children, pets, smoking, reservations, cancelations, refunds and other amenities associated with the operation.
  • Complete an application procedure, WBBA standards inspection, and be approved by our Board of Directors.
  • Have total operations of no more than 35 rooms.
  • Provide a breakfast (full or continental-style) and such a breakfast must be included in the published rates. Should a member also hold a restaurant license, it is possible to include a continental-style breakfast in the published rates, and charge extra for a full breakfast.

Variance: Applicants desiring membership who do not fit the parameters above, may petition the Board for a special temporary exemption to the rules as they work toward fulfilling the requirements for membership. 

2. Non-Voting Membership

  • Aspire to participate in the industry as an owner or manager
  • Be associated with the industry in a professional or business capacity or in a related business
  • Non-voting members are eligible to serve on some committees, but cannot serve on the Board of Directors.

What is my investment cost into the WBBA?

  • There is a one-time $275 application and inspection fee. This fee includes one on-site WBBA Standards Inspection after our inspector contacts you, scheduled at your convenience. So, it's not a surprise visit!
  • There are two components of WBBA membership fees:
    • Part 1=Choose a Membership Benefit Tier that best matches your business and budget needs. The higher the level, the more marketing opportunities are available to that tier. - 2023 Membership Tier Benefits
      * 2023 Pricing
      • Bronze- $250/year
      • Silver-$395/year
      • Gold-$795/year
      • Platinum-$1095/year
    • Part 2 = Add $2 per guest room night
      • The room night assessment is simple:  Collect $2 per room night sold and remit each month.  Add to your guest’s invoice, through the reservation system.
      • All information is confidential and on the honor system. 
      • Occupancy statistics with trends collected is reported only by state and region.

The two part system allows dues to remain low while maximizing member benefits and marketing efforts.

Apply To Become a WBBA Member… Anytime is a Good Time

2023 Membership: “Start My Benefits Now!” You may apply at any time of year; your membership fees are pro-rated for partial-year membership.

1. Complete the “New Member Application” form:
New Membership Application Form - Page 1
New Membership Application Form - Page 2

2. Submit application, copy of licenses, and application fee. Application fee is $275 and includes one on-site Standards Inspection.
Note: application fee is a one-time fee when membership is continuous. Application fee is separate from membership dues and $2 per room night fees.

Your application, copy of licenses, and one-time application fee can be submitted to:

Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Association
206 Jefferson Street
Waupaca, WI 54981


For forms to sign up for our other membership categories, purchase our future innkeeper start-up package, or to list an inn/potential inn for sale, view the links below:


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