Birds are Awfully Chirpy for February

Posted: Thu-Feb-2012

Did we really see some trees budding?  We know we’re not imagining the birds chirping like crazy.  February in Wisconsin is not what it used to be!  Perhaps it’s not too early to start thinking about a Wisconsin B&B getaway that includes a little bird-watching.  We catalogued 300 – yes, 300! birding areas around the state, cross-referencing nearby B&Bs.  So get ready for some hiking, as it may come sooner than you think. [caption id="attachment_428" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="No matter the season, spotting a Cardinal is always a delight. Thanks to the Speckled Hen Inn, Madison, for the photo."]Cardinal, Speckled Hen Inn, Madison[/caption]
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