The Trifecta of B&B Myths

Posted: Thu-May-2012

Oh, there are B&B myths aplenty out there, but the trifecta has to be beds/bath/privacy.  Let’s elaborate. First, the beds - they are not old and squeaky.  That myth seems to persist because there are lots of historic inns in Wisconsin.  Just remember, historic does not equal old and squeaky. Next, the bath - B&Bs have private baths.  No shared bathrooms anymore.  Looking for a spa-quality designer bath?  Try Westphal Mansion Inn B&B in Hartford, Speckled Hen Inn in Madison, or The Roost B&B in Appleton. Finally, privacy – innkeepers do not make their living hovering.  You will be left alone.  Whether that’s at breakfast, on the front porch hammock, in the library, watching a movie, strolling the gardens…well, you get the picture. Whew, we feel better now, and hope you do too! [caption id="attachment_560" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Roost features five comfortable, contemporary suites and rooms for the leisure or business traveler, each equipped with luxurious bedding, fireplaces, air-jet whirlpool tubs, private baths and other amenities."]The Roost B&B[/caption]
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