Get Haunted in Wisconsin!

Posted: Tue-Oct-2019

Are you ready to get haunted in Wisconsin?

Fall is officially here, and Inns around the state of Wisconsin are celebrating the vibrant colors and flavors of the season with their guests. Enjoy this beautiful change of seasons at Wisconsin State Parks, meandering along regional hiking and biking trails around the state, taking scenic drives, and, of course, relaxing at our Bed and Breakfasts. If you need an idea or two, check out some of our recent blogs all about fall. 

While fall colors are truly the highlight of this season, there's more to October than fall colors. How about giving yourself a bit of a fright this season? It's the perfect time to visit a Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast and to push those boundaries a little while enjoying a haunted adventure or two! As you make your plans, be sure to use our convenient search tool to find your perfect Wisconsin lodging. Our Inns are ranked as some of the top places to stay in Wisconsin - and for good reasons!

Stay at a Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast near the most haunted places in Wisconsin

12 of the Most Haunted Places in Wisconsin

Most states have history and lore, much of which involve haunted destinations and mysterious happenings.  That's certainly true in Wisconsin, and we'd love to share this haunted history with you this fall!  With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we'd share 12 of our favorite haunted places in Wisconsin. Make sure you add these to your list!

  1. One of the scariest places in the state of Wisconsin, confirmed by the Travel Channel, is the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee.  There have been several reports of hauntings here, most of which are by the founder himself, Charles Pfister. 
  2. Nelsen's Hall & Bitters Club on Washington Island has been around for decades and is full of loyal patrons. This includes (former) owner Tom Nelson, who's said to still frequent the club. He died years ago in the apartment above the club.
  3. Head to the Riverside Cemetery in Appleton, and meet one of its most famous inhabitants, Kate Blood.  Her name is pretty apt for the season. Ms. Blood was an accused witch, murderer, and adultress, and is said to be the hooded figure often seen running around and vanishing into thin air. Others have reportedly seen blood oozing from her tombstone! 
  4. Buckle up for the ride across Wisconsin's "Bloody Bride Bridge," also known as the High 66 Bridge in Steven's Point.  Rumor has it that travelers often see a bride on the bridge; a bride who supposedly died in a tragic car accident on this bridge while on the way to her wedding (though no police record of such an accident exists). Some lucky (unlucky?) drivers have even glimpsed the bride and her groom in the backseat of their car. Do you dare stop on the bridge at midnight to find out?
  5. Turn up the radio as you cross the Siren Bridge in Siren Wisconsin. Do you hear a little girl crying to her mommy for help?  
  6. The Clark County Insane Asylum in Owen, Wisconsin is a popular place for visitors who are looking for haunted experiences.  Visitors report hearing voices and seeing apparitions. Former residents of this asylum were tormented and murdered by the staff by means such as electroshock therapy, ice water submersion, and bloodletting.  It's no wonder they stick around to haunt all who come through these doors!
  7. Have you ever heard of Hotel Hell in Maribel? In its prime, it was known as the Maribel Caves Hotel, but after a fire destroyed in and paranormal activity increased, it soon earned the moniker Hotel Hell.  It's said to be a gateway to the dark underworld, allowing dark spirits to haunt the grounds here.
  8. In its heyday, the Boscobel Hotel has hosted the likes of John F. and Jackie Kennedy. Now, it seems to be taken over by spirits, including a young girl who died in the snow, yet doesn't want to leave her beloved hotel, and former owner Adam Bobel. 
  9. Shaker's Cigar Bar in Milwaukee has an interesting past. Years ago, it was both a brothel and a hideout for mobster Al Capone. It's been featured on the Dark Tourist on Netflix, as patrons now report seeing a little girl in the bathroom, along with a number of ghostly visitors in the basement. 
  10. Dartford Cemetery near Green Lake Wisconsin is, without a doubt, one of the most haunted cemeteries in Wisconsin. Its looks can be deceiving!  Well-known ghosts like Chief Highknocker call this cemetery home, right along with former Civil War Soldiers, which can sometimes be seen marching across the grounds. Visitors have also reportedly been pushed off a mausoleum that belongs to a young child.  Are you brave enough to stand there to find out the truth of this story?
  11. Look to the balcony at the Grand Opera House in Oshkosh Wisconsin. Do you see the ghost of former stage manager Percy Keene? How about the strange orange mist that sometimes appears onstage, or the phantom footsteps?
  12. Hit up the west wing of St. Joseph's hospital in Marshfield, and see if you spot a black man in a robe wandering the halls.  No one knows quite who he is, and why he's haunting the hospital. While in town, don't miss your chance to hit up the Wood County Insane Asylum, considered one of the most haunted places in the state. 

If you're looking for even more haunted places to visit, consider this delightfully scary road trip put together by Only in Your State! 

The Most Haunted Places in Wisconsin

The Best Places to Stay in Wisconsin!

Wherever you end up in our great state, remember to stay at one of our Bed and Breakfast properties for a lodging experience like no other. Our Inns truly are among the best places to stay in Wisconsin. Our Inns offer an incredible range of amenities, lodging styles, and settings to choose from.

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