Wisconsin Birds and Where to Find Them!

Posted: Tue-Mar-2020

*Special Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some state parks may be closed.  Before venturing out to these magnificent parks, please see the status at: https://dnr.wi.gov/covid-19/. 

Wisconsin Birds and Where to Find Them This SpringSpring is nearly upon us here in Wisconsin, and we can hardly wait for friendly, colorful blooms of the season to make their appearance. Spring is also peak time for Wisconsin Birds to make their annual migratory appearance! Bird watching has actually been growing in popularity around the nation, to the point that it is now considered to be the fastest-growing hobby in the country. About 50 million Americans plan an outing to observe wild birds annually, where they enjoy the peaceful respite from our fast-paced world. 

Bird Watching is an easy hobby to get into, too, especially in a state like Wisconsin. Wisconsin birds are everywhere, observed in places as simple as your backyard, along with an incredible range of natural areas around the state.  Our quiet Inns are the perfect place to get your fill of Wisconsin birds this spring. Explore our properties around the state, and discover all of the great destinations that await

Wisconsin Birds are Abundant in Areas Around the State

We embrace nature at Wisconsin Bed and Breakfasts with nature conservation and environmentally-friendly policies often being at the forefront of everything we do. It's not just our duty, but our pleasure, to take care of our state in a way that will preserve it for generations to come. You can read a little bit about Wisconsin's long history in land conservation here.

In the vein of protecting and guarding our wildlands, it should come as no surprise that Owners and Innkeepers of Wisconsin Bed and Breakfasts love watching wildlife in their natural habitat. Among our favorites to watch are Wisconsin birds, of course! There are 100's of places you can go bird watching in Wisconsin, but here are a few of our favorite places to visit, broken down by region to help you plan!

Wisconsin Birds and Where to Find Them This Spring

Northeast Wisconsin

The nearest Bed and Breakfasts to these areas are the White Lace Inn, the Scofield House, the Garden Gate Bed and Breakfast, and the Stewart Inn.

Northwest Wisconsin

Wonderful Wisconsin Bed and Breakfasts nearby these locations are the Phipps Inn Bed and Breakfast, the Inn on Lake Wissota, and the Old Rittenhouse Inn.

Central Wisconsin

Great Inns in the area include the Apple Tree Lane Bed and Breakfast, Crystal River Inn Bed and Breakfast, Lindsay House Bed and Breakfast, Green Fountain Inn, Willow Pond Bed, Breakfast and Events, Miller's Daughter Bed and Breakfast, and Greenway House B&B.

South-Central Wisconsin

  • It's would be reticent of us to talk about Wisconsin birds without first mentioning the sensational Horicon Marsh. Not only is it the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the country, and stunningly beautiful, but it's home to 250+ species of waterfowl, and a major stopover point for migrating Canadian Geese and other migratory bird species.
  • In Baraboo, you'll find some truly incredible opportunities to see Wisconsin Birds. Baraboo is home to a number of natural parks and areas, including the International Crane Foundation, which is the only place to see the complete collection of the world's 15 species of cranes. Other great places include Parfrey's Glen and Devil's Lake State Park
  • For an urban center, Madison offers some truly wonderful bird watching opportunities. Our favorite is the University of Wisconsin Arboretum, which comes to life each spring with a tremendous variety of migrating birds.

Excellent Bed and Breakfasts to consider in this area are the Inn at Wawanissee Point and the Ringling House Bed and Breakfast near Baraboo, The Buckingham Inn, Hotel Ruby Marie, The Livingston Inn, and The Speckled Hen Inn near Madison, and the Honeybee Inn near Horicon Marsh.

Southwest Wisconsin

  • The Driftless Area, which partially lies in south-central Wisconsin, is home to a number of beautiful wildlife areas. One of the best places to find Wisconsin birds is the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge. This area, located at the confluence of the Trempealeau and Mississippi Rivers, is one of the most significant waterfowl habitats in the country.
  • Wyalusing State Park near Prairie du Chien is another great place in the Driftless Area for bird watching.
  • If you're wanting to see the majestic bald eagle, the best place to go is the National Eagle Center near Alma, along the Mississippi River. This area of the river has long been a popular nesting ground for wintering eagles

Bed and Breakfasts in the area include the Tritsch House Bed and Breakfast, Four Gables Bed and Breakfast, Justin Trails Resort, Westby House Inn B&B, Cream Pitcher Bed and Breakfast, Sheer Memories' Guest Cottage, and Silver Star B&B Inn.

Southeast Wisconsin

  • In the Milwaukee area, there is a surprisingly great bird watching. Thousands of bird enthusiasts head to the Schlitz Audubon Center each year, which features 185-acres of ponds, ravines, woodlands, and prairies. There are 6 miles of hiking trails to explore, and up to 250+ bird species to spy.  Don't miss the opportunity to head up the 60-foot observation tower and enjoy the view, either. 

The nearest Bed and Breakfasts to the Milwaukee area are The Muse Gallery Guesthouse, Sheridan's Bed and Breakfast, Inn at Pine Terrace, and Westphal Mansion Bed and Breakfast.

Wisconsin Birds and Where to Find Them This Spring

Find the Nearest Bed and Breakfast and Plan Your Getaway

If you're looking for even more Wisconsin bird watching, check out the Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail and the National Audubon Society, which lists 88 incredible birding destinations around the state. 

As with most activities you enjoy in Wisconsin, there are many bed and breakfasts near these popular bird watching destinations!  At any given time, if you're wondering where the nearest Bed and Breakfast is to you, please use our convenient search tool. You can search by region, amenity, and a variety of other methods to find the perfect Wisconsin Bed and breakfast for your ideal getaway.  

Come enjoy some of the most beautiful Wisconsin birds with us this spring!  Book your room at our favorite Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast today. 

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