Pollinator Practices - Best Bed & Breakfast Examples: Part One

Posted: Thu-Apr-2020

All member inns were asked to send in a description of the pollinator practices they planned to institute in 2020 and the response was overwhelming. Here are a handful of the most outstanding examples.

cameo rose green pollinator

Cameo Rose Victorian Country Inn, Belleville

One of the finest examples of pesticide-free pollinator landscaping can be found at this inn, with gardens specifically planted with bee balm, purple coneflowers and lavender to attract bees and butterflies. There are also pots spilling over with pollinator-attracting herbs. The nature pond on the property provides pollinators with a cool drink. The owners also planted native wildflowers throughout the hillsides bordered by managed forests. Bees love to hibernate in the leaves that cover the winter forest floor courtesy of the 32,000 trees they planted.


Silver Star Inn pollinator

Silver Star B&B Inn, Spring Green

Situated on 70 parklike acres, this secluded log lodge has 12 acres dedicated to Conservation Reserve Program land planted with native flowers to attract pollinators. The Conservation Reserve Program reduces soil erosion, improves water quality, establishes wildlife habitat, and enhances forest and wetland resources. Breakfasts here feature colorful fruits, vegetables and herbs from their gardens, as well as fresh eggs courtesy of their pampered chickens.


Justin Trails pollinator

Justin Trails Resort, Sparta

The owners here have been restoring and planting new prairies on their peaceful 200-acre retreat since 2008. Featured native plants include little bluestem, woodland sunflower, New England aster and rough blazing star. This fall, they’ll be putting in a new 25-acre prairie as part of their Conservation Reserve program. Birdwatching is also a favorite pastime at this resort with nearly 70 bird species identified.


Lake Ripley Lodge pollinator

Lake Ripley Lodge, Cambridge

From the lakefront glider of this historic lodge, visitors can feast their eyes on four rain gardens lush with native Wisconsin flowers and shrubs. The rain garden project was in conjunction with the Lake Ripley Management District to preserve the lake waters.


Sweet Autumn Inn Pollinator

Sweet Autumn Inn, Lake Mills

The owner of this classic American foursquare home set on an acre of land has been planting perennials for the last 20 years including phlox, monarda, echinacea, rudbeckia and milkweed.

Stay tuned for more wonderful pollinator practice examples from our member inns in Part Two of this series!

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