Find the Most Haunted Places in Wisconsin This October!

Posted: Thu-Oct-2022

Fall is officially here, which means we're all about stunning fall colors and spooktacular getaways to some of the most haunted places in Wisconsin. While enjoying a fright or two, don't forget to savor the vibrant fall colors and delicious flavors of the season - things you'll find in abundance at the top Wisconsin Bed and Breakfasts

Whether you're the kind of person that likes to travel from one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin to the next or whether you'd rather spend your days hiking through beautiful Wisconsin state parks, biking our fantastic regional bike trails, taking scenic drives, or just enjoying some romantic one-on-one time with your sweetheart, there's no better place to celebrate the changing of the season than with a Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast.

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a Haunted Cemetery, considered one of the more haunted places in Wisconsin

Discover These Most Haunted Places in Wisconsin

For many, October is the perfect month to get out and explore the most haunted places in Wisconsin. As the days get darker earlier, the hours of spooky experiences in Wisconsin become more and more alluring. If you believe famed folklorist Robert E. Gard, Wisconsin has more ghosts per square mile than any other state, so it opens itself up perfectly to a bit of haunted fun. 

 Below, we've compiled a list of 10 of the most haunted places in Wisconsin. Of course, there are far more haunted places in Wisconsin worth visiting than we've listed below - but this should at least serve as a good start.

  1. The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee has long been considered one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin, with many encounters with Charles Pfister, the hotel's founder.
  2. Another hotel considered one of the more haunted places in Wisconsin is Hotel Hell in Maribel. After a fire destroyed the hotel, paranormal activity increased, soon earning the moniker Hotel Hell.
  3. The Boscobel Hotel, once visited by famed celebrities like John F. and Jackie Kennedy, now seems to be one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin, teeming with spirits who don't want to leave the comforts of the hotel.
  4. The Clark County Insane Asylum in Owen, Wisconsin, has long been considered one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin, with reports of voices and apparitions common. Many of the former residents of this asylum were tormented and murdered by the staff, which has led to today's hauntings.
  5. Similarly, the Wood County Insane Asylum is considered one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin.
  6. Drive across some spooky bridges at night, and see if you see or hear anything out of the unusual! Travel across Wisconsin's "Bloody Bride Bridge," also known as the High 66 Bridge in Steven's Point, and you may see a bride on the bridge - and some have even glimpsed the bride and her groom in the backseat of their car. Or, as you drive across Siren Bridge in Siren, Wisconsin, you'll hear a little girl crying out for her mommy.
  7. Cemeteries are notoriously haunted places in Wisconsin, but none perhaps more so than the Riverside Cemetery in Appleton. One of the more "famous" inhabitants of this cemetery is Kate Blood, who was an accused witch, murderer, and adultress. Sightings of her are common, and some have reported blood oozing from her tombstone.
  8. Another haunted cemetery in Wisconsin to check out is the Dartford Cemetery near Green Lake, Wisconsin. Well-known ghosts like Chief Highknocker call this cemetery home, along with former Civil War Soldiers, which can sometimes be seen marching across the grounds. 
  9. The fans of Al Capone won't want to miss a stop at Shaker's Cigar Bar, where the famous mobster once hid. It's been featured on the Dark Tourist on Netflix and is rated as one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin. 
  10. Another interesting and haunted place in Wisconsin is The Wonder Bar in Madison. The bar was opened by famed Chicago Mobster Roger "the Terrible" Touhy, and is the sight of regular apparitions - perhaps a throwback to all the mob violence of the era?

After visiting the most haunted places in Wisconsin, enjoy the very best of fall at these top-rated Wisconsin Bed and Breakfasts

Find Comfort at our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfasts

After you've given yourself a thorough scare at these haunted places in Wisconsin, you'll probably be ready for a warm and friendly welcome - which is exactly what you'll find at our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfasts. We won't blame you if you need to sleep with the light on, but we hope our Inns' relaxing and comfortable ambiance will immediately put you at ease. 

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